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Sanyi Adhesive Tape Co., Ltd is located in Jiangmen city Guangdong Province Chinese famous overseas Chinese district , Sanyi Adhesive Tape Co., Ltd is a specialized production each kind sticks the adhesive tape the modern advanced enterprise, passes through many years technical development, introduces the equipment, the market unfolds, we have constructed into a fair ordinary adhesive tape and the special adhesive tape and the material production technology to a body gummy product specialization production enterprise.

Sanyi Adhesive Tape Co., Ltd to have more high-level specialized talented people in the colleague, has many advanced new to spread the cloth production equipment, multi-purpose spreads a loom and the advanced experiment check-out facility. We need unceasingly to create more new products according to the market and the customer.

Sanyi Adhesive Tape Co., Ltd its main product to include: (1) related raw material; (2) the membrane, the paper, the metallic membrane, soak the cotton and kapok and Colth Tape the kind of pressure sensitive adhesive tape; (3) Asian gram force, rubber, organosilicon and hot melt class pressure sensitive viscose.

Above product best-selling to Europe and America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and so on many countries and area. "The quality sends, loyally serves for the customer" is I takes charge of the consistent objective.

If has deigned to inquire that, please fast takes charge of the relation with me! We can wholeheartedly provide the preferential benefit for you the price, the high quality product, the fine service.


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